THE CAMBRIDGE INSTITUTE is an institution specialising in English learning. Its schools are situated in central positions, have welcoming reception areas, pleasant classrooms, modern study centres, coffee rooms and qualified personnnel.

The organisation seeks to acquire a leading position in the market and conducts its business adhering to the maxims of quality, long-term planning and future orientation.

The primary aim of the organisation is to offer up-to-date teaching methodology in a professional framework. This means to us: optimum course lengths, cost efficiency and transparency in the training budget. Further, a friendly learning ambience in clean facilities allied with standard quality control measures should ensure the best possible teaching environment. Both course content and technical facilities should be continually updated to reflect the latest methodology and technology.

The learning concept guarantees that no lesson is missed. For the student this means a continuous path of instruction leading to the level required to undertake an examination preparatory course is guaranteed.

It is equally important that the personnel's work ethic is so cultivated that professionalism, quality and reliability when dealing with customers and colleagues are given top priority, both in the personal and professional sense.